The Intentional Life Model

Focus on what matters

There are a number of elements of our life that contribute to living our best selves. Based on her coaching experience, our Founder, Kate Harvey developed the Intentional Life Model to help her in her own life. 

The model includes 11 categories and is a great way of assessing what areas of your life you would like to work on. 

How to use the Intentional Life Model

Rate your current level of satisfaction within each element between 1-10.

1 being little/no satisfaction. 10 being fully satisfied. Have a think about what you’d like to work on. It is overwhelming to look at all of these and try to work on them all at once.

Some of the categories may not be of interest to you at the moment. Some may be critical for you. So that is where your priority levels come in to play. 

Rate the priority of each category for you between 1-5.

1 being little/no priority, and 5 being of the highest priority. The areas that have the highest priority and the lowest satisfaction level is where you should start your life journey. 

Purpose & Goals

You know your direction. You have defined your life goals and purpose. You take action to achieve them.

Heart & Soul

You have discovered what feeds your soul and lifts your energy and spirits. You incorporate this into your everyday life.

Love & Connection

You nurture your connection with people in your life and the global community.

Mind & Body

You have good emotional and physical health.

Joy & Fun

You have fun every day. You bring joy to your life and the lives of others. You have a spirit of adventure. You’re excited about life.

Self Esteem & Fear

You know you are worthy. You have a deep trust in who you are and what you do. You are aware of your fears and don’t let them hold you back from living life.

Career & Work

You have defined what a fulfilling work landscape looks like for you. You have a fulfilling career. This includes paid & unpaid work.

Tech & Innovation

You take a mindful approach to technology and innovation, not mindless. You use technology to make your life better. You know what innovation interests you and you follow what’s going on.

Organisation & Things

You have created order, space and clarity in your physical environment. Everything you own has a purpose and contributes to a better life.

Money & Financial Security

You are responsible with spending & saving of money. You have developed financial security and resilience through skilled money management.

Learning & Growth

You have a growth mindset. You constantly seek to learn new things that are interesting to you.